AiM Partners support and equip Christian founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders by investing our time, talents and treasures

As a social and spiritual entrepreneurship, our main operational goal is not profit, but the heart and entrepreneurial development of the people that we serve. We feel that the most important message for potential clients is that you are important to us.

From new ventures to emerging businesses, AiM is called to serve Christian leaders by:


pledging leadership, counsel and business experience


providing a community of support, accountability and spiritual transformation


generously committing time, talents and treasures

AiM is here to help

Clients of AiM benefit from a team of highly supportive, experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to offering their time, expertise and counsel in the following areas:

What we do

Business coaching / leadership development

Strategic planning

Management consulting

Investment and/or donation capital

AiM Risk Analysis

Risk analysis

Technology consulting

AiM Case Study

LeadMeNot – Digital Wellness App

AiM can help you if:

  • You lead or run a Christian business (for-profit or non-profit),
  • You are looking for support/investment from Kingdom-minded, business professionals.

Become an AiM Partner if:

  • You are a business professional with a generous desire to direct your time, expertise and financial resources to help leaders of kingdom businesses flourish.
  • You long for community with Kingdom-minded business leaders.