Case Study

LeadMeNot – Digital Wellness App

AiM’s Background

In early 2021, at a time when it seemed that most investors, faith-driven or otherwise, were still fundamentally concerned with the bottom line, a conversation was taking place around the need for a business network of entrepreneurs and investors who felt a spirit-led desire to redirect and re-imagine their time, talents and treasures. One such individual, Dennis Ensing, co-creator of Equation Angels, was “increasingly dissatisfied with the focus on financial outcomes,” and so he reached out to FaithTech founder James Kelly. Through Kelly’s referral, Dennis came in contact with Ethan Park and the fledgling team that is now AiM Partners. Looking back, Dennis reflects on how joining AiM fulfilled much of what he finds “spiritually, personally, and professionally” important: “[It was important] to be in community with like-minded and motivated people. It was important to me to be part of a ‘team’ who brought similar motivations but also more diverse talents and gifts. I knew that the whole of our potential impact could be greater together than the sum of our individual parts.”


It was, moreover, another FaithTech referral that led to AiM’s first client contact – founder of the digital wellness platform LeadMeNot, Jason Mathew. AiM Partners James Maynard and Dennis were encouraged to watch Jason’s LeadMeNot pitch at an Ocean Accelerator demo day. Dennis recalls: “we were both very impressed with his presentation, and particularly his vision and passion”. For James and Dennis, the next obvious step was an introductory call with Jason. Before the call from AiM, Jason remembers this time as one of frustration and even desperation. As an entrepreneur, he was well aware of the dangers of taking money from the wrong investors because of the pressures for investment as a self-funded enterprise: Jason explains, “I had heard enough entrepreneurs talk about regretted desperation in their search for dollars, so I prayed”.

LeadMeNot App

AiM’s Process

Pitch Presentation
1. Pitch

Watched LeadMeNot pitch at an Ocean Accelerator demo day

Intro Call
2. Introductory Call

Reached out and had a call with Jason

3. Prayer

Carefully considered and prayed about taking Jason on as a client

4. Investment

Provided financial support to help develop and grow the vision

5. Mentorship

Continues to provide Guidance, expertise and strategic planning

Jason Mathew

Jason Mathew

Founder & CEO of LeadMeNot

First Contact and Building the Relationship

The answer to prayer was a meeting between Jason, James and Dennis. From the outset it became clear to Jason that this was not a conversation that would develop from financial interest; this was a conversation that would begin and develop from a point of mentoring with love and care – Jason recalls: “from our first conversation onwards, I felt very loved, known, and cared for by AiM. We were 100% aligned on missional impact and what it would take to help truly transform lives.” Likewise, for James and Dennis this was a real opportunity to show in practice that AiM is foremost about enabling “changed hearts and changed lives”; as Dennis makes clear, “[this venture] is not about us personally, especially or even corporately, as [in] AiM generating a financial return”.

Jason’s Point of View

To get a better sense of how the conversation between AiM and LeadMeNot developed, Jason was asked about concrete ways that AiM Partners have been a source of support, guidance and help. To put his examples in context, Jason first points to the importance of the personal relationships that have been established with AiM: “I’ve felt incredibly lonely in my entrepreneurship journey, but having AiM Partners at my side has eliminated that loneliness completely. Quality time is a huge part of how I feel loved and known and they’ve given me dedicated time at every turn in our journey”. Jason goes on to highlight the qualities that he feels are important to share with others who are considering working with AiM: “AiM isn’t going to fit the traditional Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist profile. They invest deeply in the relationships they build”, they are “truly committed to helping organizations achieve their goals”, and they operate from a “Christian worldview”.

"They’ve given me dedicated time at every turn in our journey”

What the Future Holds

Of course, the close collaboration between AiM and LeadMeNot continues to develop. What started as a heavy investment of time and talent in the person has now, according to Jason, developed to meet the needs of LeadMeNot in a multitude of ways: “guidance and expertise in marketing, fundraising, and strategic planning … financial support to help develop and grow our vision … connecting LeadMeNot with a network of experts in the field of addiction therapy, product-led growth, and digital wholeness … helping LeadMeNot to build a strong community of users and partners”.

And of course while the AiM journey is still just beginning, their mission is simple and clear:

“We keep our commitment to Him as the centre of our conversation and objectives or else we would get caught up just doing a lot of good things. Said another way, Jesus is the AIM Managing Partner.”

– AiM Partner, Dennis Ensing