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Our Ethos

AiM stands for ‘Aslan is Moving’. We believe Jesus (Aslan) is advancing His Kingdom for human flourishing in what we do. We dedicate our collective wisdom, experience, expertise and capital to serve enterprise leaders. From new ventures to emerging businesses, we support those in leadership roles to discern their Kingdom purpose in directing their business towards mutual flourishing. This reflects our conviction that business is a Kingdom enterprise.

AiM Partners care deeply about human flourishing and character formation as wholehearted followers of Jesus. Together, we foster collaboration, community, and generous stewardship. We long to share our collective vision, expertise, finances and relationships in support of Christian founders, entrepreneurs and innovative leaders. For this reason, we welcome like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs to join us in expanding AiM Partners.

Meet AiM Partners

Ethan Park

Ethan Park

Read About Ethan
  • AiM Partner Ethan Park is a partner and co-founder at Extract Capital, a hedge fund manager based in the US and Canada.
  • Ethan is an investor, operator, mentor and entrepreneur who is highly skilled in investment management, fundamental business analysis and structuring, incubation of businesses, and marketing.
  • Ethan has invested in various social and missional businesses and feels called by faith to a life of generosity
Dennis Ensing

Dennis Ensing

Read About Dennis
  • AiM Partner Dennis Ensing is chief venture advisor and VP of Venture Growth at MaRS Discovery District, Toronto.
  • An experienced startup entrepreneur and C-suite executive, Dennis is also a skilled financial transaction and investor relations advisor, strategic planner, mentor and influencer.
  • Dennis thrives in building investment communities for business incubation.
  • Active in ministry, Dennis sees his calling for God’s kingdom in tech innovation and investment.
Peter Quek

Peter Quek

Read About Peter
  • AiM Partner Peter Quek is the development director for LeaderImpact Canada.
  • Peter is a highly experienced and wise mentor to business leaders and professionals seeking ways to re-imagine their professional, spiritual and personal impact in the marketplace. Peter’s gifts include mentoring, coaching, imaginative leadership, and communication.
  • Peter feels passionately about his calling to help others, particularly enterprising leaders, to realize and embrace their potential to make a lasting impact on human flourishing within God’s Kingdom.
James Maynard

James Maynard

Read About James
  • AiM Partner James Maynard, ICD.D, is a strategy and growth advisor on technology and digital innovations for private and public sector organizations.
  • With a wealth of experience in executive leadership, James has an impeccable track record working with leaders of SMEs, multinationals, governments and non-profit corporations to identify strategic and growth-based technology and digital solutions. He is also a highly sought-after, business-innovation speaker with an impressive mentoring-coaching CV.
  • James desires to provide wise counsel and advice to leaders looking to generate impactful growth through strategic digital innovation.
Calvin Quek

Calvin Quek

Read About Calvin
  • AiM Partner Calvin Quek is the founder and managing partner of Brightmark, a Salesforce consulting partner specializing in solutions for financial services.
  • Calvin is highly skilled in enabling leaders – from small business to enterprise – to find transformative, cloud solutions to achieve success. An expert in Salesforce and CRM solutions, Calvin has been driving consultancy, management services and training on cloud technologies across a range of industries.
  • A board member of UrbanPromise Toronto and Multiplied Impact, Calvin’s Kingdom vision is to enable charities and ministries to be more effective through the use of technology, and to engage with Christian business leaders and professionals to take bigger steps of faith in mission, evangelism and generosity.
Jonson Sun

Jonson Sun

Read About Jonson
  • AiM Partner Jonson Sun is the founder of GIC Merchant Bank Corp., which has diversified business interests across Canada, the United States, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Jonson is a business leader and advisor, entrepreneur and strategist who serves on multiple boards, including the board of Emerge Commerce Inc., serving as angel investor and company director; Hire Technologies Inc., a tech enabled HR recruiter; as well as ArcPoint Labs LLC, a network of 130 augmented health care labs in the US.
  • Jonson is active in faith-based impact investments and working with non-profit organizations; he currently serves on the board of Kore Alliance, a non-profit global family alliance, and is a strategic advisor to the Thompson Family Office.
John Carbrey

John Carbrey

Read About John
  • AiM Partner John Carbrey leads FutureSight, a startup studio which builds and funds B2B software companies.
  • John is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He has a compelling record for entrepreneurial drive, co-creating new ventures, and harnessing SaaS development to create the next generation of world-class companies.
  • As an investor in people, John is passionate about sharing his insight and experience to encourage others in achieving entrepreneurial success through co-creation.
Allen Page

Allen Page

Read About Allen
  • AiM Partner Allen “Al” Page, CPA, is a financial leader, entrepreneur, visionary and strategist who has focused his career on emerging and high-growth Canadian companies.
  • Al’s skills range from capital financing and corporate structures to the formation and leadership of functional areas, including operations, finance, administration, information technology and human resources.
  • Al is a long-time supporter of his community and currently serves as board president for Mission Services of London (ON), a Christian Faith based organization, serving those in London experiencing homelessness and suffering from addiction.
Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans

Read About Sarah
  • AiM Partner Sarah Evans is a seasoned administrative driver who is detail- and action- orientated, and who works best as a lead facilitator for achieving organizational goals.
  • With a wealth of experience in project management, Sarah has a proven track record for implementing ideas, projects and initiatives, and providing essential impetus and drive within a group dynamic.
  • Sarah is a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD) and part of the Guelph chapter of Young Life. In particular, Sarah is called to use her wisdom and mentoring skills to create a supportive community for young people to thrive and be empowered.

AiM can help you if:

  • You lead or run a Christian business (for-profit or non-profit),
  • You are looking for support/investment from Kingdom-minded, business professionals.

Become an AiM Partner if:

  • You are a business professional with a generous desire to direct your time, expertise and financial resources to help leaders of kingdom businesses flourish.
  • You long for community with Kingdom-minded business leaders.